Report Shows How Country Can Learn From Welfare Reform in Maine

Recently, the Maine Heritage Policy Center has released a report that examines the state of the welfare system within Maine.

From the Report:

“Maine’s welfare system has grown completely out of control. Welfare spending has grown not only in tough times. Recently, the welfare system has grown during recessions and times of economic growth, developing into one of the most liberal and expansive welfare state, where more than 35 percent of the budget is devoted to public welfare.”

The report also points to important reforms Governor LePage has enacted:

“Welfare recipients now must participate in meaningful work in order to receive benefits, have a 5-year time limit and strong sanctions for noncompliance. As stated earlier, these three policies are linked to improved outcomes for welfare recipients and a drastic reduction in the dependency level of recipients. These policies make sure that help is given to those who truly need it.”

Maine is a perfect example of what a failed welfare system looks like and what reforms it takes to fix it.
Unfortunately, the Obama administration has been moving the entire country away from the reforms enacted in Maine. The Obama administration was recently caught attempting to push waivers to allow states to rescind work requirements for TANF recipients; a policy that has unequivocally worked to bring countless families out of poverty and  freed them from government dependence.

Obama should take a lesson from this report and Maine’s governor. Maine will greatly improve with these new welfare policies - for many years it has spent nearly 35 percent of its entire budget on welfare programs and has completely failed to move the poverty rate at all. The governor recognized it was time to reform.

Obama’s policies would do the opposite: they will spend more while trapping more people in poverty.

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