On the Menu: Left-Wing Agenda with a Side of Malnutrition

The U.S. Dietary Guidelines, the federal government’s official nutritional recommendations, are due for a rewrite every five years, and left-wing advocates are chomping at the bit at the opportunity to push their agenda through American food policy next year.

The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC), the group responsible for recommending changes to the U.S. Dietary Guidelines, is an appointed panel of ‘experts’ by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and United States Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. 

According to Erik Telford, Senior Vice President at the Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity, “though the committee is tasked with providing clear guidelines based on sound food science, some of its members seem much more focused on pursuing their own environmental agendas than educating American consumers on nutrition.” 

One of the committee’s 15 members, NYU professor Marion Nestle testified that the guidelines should promote food that is “sustainably grown and [has] the littlest impact on the environment,” while also stating that the committee is “also really addressing the issue of long-term sustainability.” The committee’s idea of long-term sustainability coincides with “climate change adaption,” and “a plant-based diet,” according to Kate Clancy, an environmentalist who presented in front of the DGAC.

Not only is the DGAC trying to fix climate change and environmental sustainability through food policy, but the committee is also suggesting that meat is part of the problem. Committee member Miriam Nelson added, “I think the good news here is that when we look at the current dietary guidelines, we are talking about…eating fewer animals.”

Good news for Nelson and the DGAC, bad news for American carnivores.

Although current dietary guidelines made in 2010 state that proper protein consumption “can contribute to improved nutrient intake and health benefits,” the DGAC’s new recommendations favor a “plant-based diet,” potentially leaving everyone from school students, to soldiers, and even federal prisoners protein deficient.

New DGAC guideline recommendations demonize the meat industry as a cause for global warming, but as Telford points out, “because ‘sustainable’ farm-to-table food is often more expensive than the perfectly acceptable food that the DGAC seems interested in phasing out, these guidelines could raise food costs for each of these entities.” Essentially, the DGAC is pushing for uniform dietary guidelines that promote locally grown ‘sustainable’ food that undermines the diversity in the American food industry. Rather than allowing Americans to make informed dietary decisions with food that is both affordable and readily available, the DGAC’s ideologically driven plant based diet would manipulate the market by creating an artificial need for non-native ‘sustainable’ food products.

The DGAC has veered away from its original goal of providing Americans with sound, scientifically backed nutritional advice and instead is focused on a heavily left-leaning political agenda. If the dietary guidelines reflect plant-based diets that supposedly support long-term sustainability, millions of Americans will be subjected to a politically backed diet that would cost individuals and producers more, both fiscally and nutritionally, for the next five years.


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