House to Consider A COGC Favorite: The REINS Act

As part of a package of votes the House is taking this week before recessing until after the November elections, the Regulations From the Executive in Need of Security Act will be on the floor.  Also known as the REINS Act, the bill aims to combat executive overreach by returning regulating power to the people’s directly elected representatives. Americans for Tax Reform and the Cost of Government Center have supported this effort for many years.

According to Section 1, Article 1 of the United States Constitution, all legislative power is placed in the hands of Congress to ensure balance and government accountability.  Recently, however, bureaucrats in the executive branch have taken to crafting laws by issuing rules and regulations without Congressional oversight.  In a country where people are subjected to massive federal spending, government should be transparent and legislating should be left in the hands of Congress, where taxpayers can follow and scrutinize their representatives’ votes.  The REINS Act will rein in some of this executive overreach by requiring congressional approval on all major rules.  A major rule is defined as one that is estimated to have an annual economic impact of at least $100 million.

The REINS Act calls for a necessary realignment with our constitution to ensure that American people are protected from greater executive abuse.  As was suggested by our Founding Fathers 238 years ago, the REINS Act is ultimately a step in the direction of checks and balances.

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