COGC’s Mattie Duppler on RSC Conservative Women’s Panel Discussion

Last Friday, Cost of Government Center’s Executive Director Mattie Duppler participated as a panelist in the RSC Conservative Women’s Panel Discussion hosted by RSC chairman Steve Scalise. The panel consisted of members of RSC, as well as other leading women in the conservative movement.

The RSC panel provided a forum for influential conservative leaders to discuss some of the prominent issues facing women today. The range of topics discussed included healthcare, jobs, education and how politicians and activists can work together to fight the narrative that conservative policies contribute to a “war on women."

The panel brought together elected women and outside leaders for whom political participation focuses on a variety of issues; as COGC's director pointed out, just from a tax perspective the issue of Obamacare may affect a mom, a student or a businesswoman differently, but health care remains a critical issue for women everywhere. Others on the panel, like the National Chairman of College Republicans Alex Smith, stressed that conservatives must learn how to properly message policy so as to encourage more young women to take a more active role in politics.

The panelists included:

Congresswoman Blackburn

Congresswoman Black

Congresswoman Wagner

Congresswoman Ellmers

Congresswoman Lummis

Congresswoman Noem

Alex Smith, College Republican National Committee

 Mattie Duppler, Americans for Tax Reform

 Amber Barno, Independent Women’s Forum

Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, Susan B. Anthony List

Charmaine Yoest, Americans United for Life

 Moderator: Kim Strassel, The Wall Street Journal

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