Biz Blitz: COGC’s Mattie Duppler Appears on Fox Business Network All-Star Panel

Cost of Government Center’s Executive Director Mattie Duppler joined Fox Business Network's Neil Cavuto to discuss recent news out of Washington. First up: bureaucrats' war on health technology. News that life insurers are starting to treat e-cigarette users as traditional smokers in their risk assessments has raised questions about regulators' unwillingness to respond to innovative consumer products. There is little research to show e-cigarettes pose anywhere near the same health risks as traditional tobacco, yet the Food and Drug Administration seems complacent to allow public perception, not science, inform how these new products should be integrated into a consumer economy. 

Later in the segment, Mattie and the panel discuss the Department of Defense’s contingency plan for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Watch as Mattie points out that planning for a zombie invasion is an unbelievable misuse of taxpayer dollars: 

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