ATR & COGC Applaud Georgia Superintendent Candidate's Transparency Campaign

Americans for Tax Reform's Cost of Government Center focuses on increasing transparency in government spending, and is encouraged that one candidate for Georgia school superintendent, Nancy Jester, is focusing her campaign on improving accountability in Georgia schools.

Ms. Jester aims to “simplify funding, attach it to the child, and improve transparency and disclosure to the citizens of Georgia,” according to her campaign website. Currently, Georgia education spending through grades K-12 ranks third-highest nationally. However, the state ranks in the lowest quintile in graduation rates; a troubling statistic that could be addressed by allowing taxpayers and policymakers to better track where their education dollars are going.

“I want to transform Georgia’s Department of Education into a vigorous and diligent advocate for the children and taxpayers of Georgia…I will lead them with clarity and purpose to improve the educational lives of Georgia’s children and provide prudent oversight for the taxpayers of our state,” said  Nancy Jester.

ATR and COGC laud the efforts of Ms. Jester in her campaign to improve the education system in the state of Georgia through sensible education spending, increased transparency, and accountability.

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