About Us

The Cost of Government Center (COGC) is an affiliate of Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) that complements ATR’s tax reform agenda by promoting government spending restraint.

The Center promotes limited government by educating taxpayers and policymakers on the full costs imposed by spending and government regulation. The Center encourages restraint in federal finance, a limited regulatory regime and fights discriminatory excise taxes.

Annually, the Cost of Government Center publishes the Cost of Government Day report. This study calculates how many days the average American must work to pay off the cost of government spending and regulation at the local, state and federal levels. Under the Obama Administration, Americans have worked until the second week of August to pay off the full costs of government. Prior to President Obama assuming office, Cost of Government Day had never fallen later than July 21.

The annual Cost of Government Day Report is compiled in the context of the Thomas Jefferson Fellowship, which is offered to a qualified graduate or under-graduate student with a background in the field of economics interested in the areas of federal and state fiscal and regulatory policy. Find out how to apply for the fellowship here.

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