Nanny State Update: a State Grant to Spy on you While you Drive and a Ban on Another Snack

The nanny-staters have been busy this week finding every way they can attack your freedom.

Grant aimed at creating a force of peeping-toms: If you live in Massachusetts and Connecticut, watch out! The Department of Transportation has announced a grant for expanding these states’ ability to spy on drivers to make sure they are not texting while driving. Besides the obvious invasion of privacy, this money is wasted on preventing a behavior that is not linked to a marked increase in traffic fatalities. “The irony here is that the statistics really don’t bear out the ideas that these things are really as deadly as the federal government keeps telling us,” say a senior fellow of the Cato Institute. The government is spending thousands on creating a force of peeping-toms that will do nothing but peer into your car and pull you over if you do not behave the way they desire.

A ban on “hazardous” and “messy” snacks: No more Cheetos for kids at the LBJ Middle School in New Mexico. Another school has joined the crusade against allowing parents to dictate what snacks their kids can eat in schools. The school sent a letter home stating that this snack should be left home due to what the schools claims as “poor nutrition,” a cause of the spread of germs and a mess. The teacher who initiated the ban claimed it is a “health hazard” and a mess. One wonders what the next snack to be placed on the “messy” and “hazardous” list will be.

Purposed ban on people trying to make a living: St. Petersburg, Florida has decided to place many people out of a job for misguided safety concerns. The city is considering a ban on “sign spinners,” or people who are paid to stand on the road and advertise for companies. Councilmembers claim that the safety of these sigh holders is there concern. However, one business owner says he knows of not a single incident where a sign spinner is harmed from being out near the street. Furthermore, one spinner, who was recently homeless, will end up back on the street if this ban is passed: “If they do that than if puts me right back where I came from.”


Another city to ban smoking outdoors: Despite overwhelming opposition from members of the community, Hopkinsville, Kentucky has banned all smoking in the city. Even worse this ban forces businesses to act as the soldiers for the mayor’s war on freedom. This is the most recent victory for the anti-smoking zealots, making Hopkinsville the seventh city in Kentucky to ban smoking city-wide.

Stay off your own lawn: In Irondale, Alabama, families will be banned from parking in their own front yards. In a 3-2 vote during a town meeting, the council banned parking in the front yard, with a $50 dollar fine for violating. In a show of arrogance, one councilmember said that if people actually opposed this, more would have shown up to the meeting that was announced 2 days prior and was held at 4pm on a work day. Opponents rightly criticize this ban for it will disproportionately harm low-income and large families who need, in many cases, to park in their own yards.


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