Executive Director Mattie Duppler Discusses Regulatory Reform in Bloomberg Businessweek

Bloomberg Businessweek recently interviewed COGC’s Executive Director Mattie Duppler regarding a recent push for regulatory reform in Michigan including a helmet law repeal and changes that permit fireworks sellers to carry a broader range of products.  In the most recent Nanny State blog, COGC praised Michigan’s motorcycle helmet law repeal while the article follows up with Mattie on similar movements in states across the country:

“There is a national focus on reducing regulation, and this is not necessarily all along political lines,” said Mattie Duppler, who writes Americans for Tax Reform’s “Nanny State Update” online column in Washington. “Some of it is about jobs and revenue and some of it is about less government.”

The piece also notes our annual Cost of Government Day Report, which showed that the average American spent 77 days working to pay for the cost of government regulations in 2012. Check the COGC blog regularly for updates on government spending, waste and abuse including the weekly Nanny State Update for our most recent list of overbearing government regulations.

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