COGC Urges House of Representatives to Pass SKILLS Act

The Cost of Government Center sent the following letter to the United States House of Representatives, urging members to vote for the SKILLS Act. The bill would provided targeted reform for the nearly $18 billion spent on federal job training programs each year, improving programs for job seekers and employers.

H.R. 803 aims to do more with scarce taxpayer dollars. It would repeal programs identified as duplicative and ineffective by the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office (GAO). The bill would also strengthen oversight of job training programs, requiring them to withstand independent evaluations every five years.

Importantly, the bill would release state and local governments from indiscriminate federal mandates, allowing policymakers on the ground to dictate how resources should be used to better aid their communities.

The SKILLS Act takes the commonsense step of increasing the role actual job creators play in local workforce decisions. The bill would increase the number of employers on Workforce Investment Boards to better inform and respond to diverse needs of diverse populations.

Your bill will ensure the $18 billion spent on job training programs does not serve as a slush fund for government employee unions. Instead, H.R. 803 increases opportunities for participants to find gainful employment in the private sector, providing the training and opportunity for workers to fill the 3.6 million jobs the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates currently lay vacant.

Click here to read the entire letter.

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