COGC Executive Director Mattie Duppler Debates Funding for Big Bird

Yesterday, Cost of Government Center Executive Director, Mattie Duppler appeared on the U.S. News and World Report's “Debate Club.” The topic was on whether the federal government should continue to fund PBS. She points out that Obama is using Romney’s plan to defund PBS to distract from his failing economic policies: “What he has failed to justify is how putting Main Street on the hook for Sesame Street keeps Americans off the street in his beleaguered economy.” She also reminded us that it is just not true that Big Bird, a popular pop icon, would disappear if funding for PBS were to go – a false choice that hopefully prompts Americans to examine what they believe the proper role of government to be. What do you think? Should PBS continue to get its taxpayer subsidy or is $16 trillion in debt too high a cost to keep Big Bird from competing in the free market on his own?

Click here to read Duppler’s entire take.

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