COGC to DC - Let Our Food Trucks Be!

Today, Cost of Government Center Executive Director Mattie Duppler submitted public comments regarding the District of Columbia's recently proposed rulemaking on street vending. These rules imperil the burgeoning food truck industry in the District, threatening the livlihoods of innovative entrepreneurs and mealtime convenience for hungry workers. The rules would restrict food truck operations to District-identified "zones," but these zones would be limited to a handful of food trucks, and those food trucks would be picked by District bureaucrats. From our letter:

Moreover, food trucks’ ability to congregate gives consumers a variety of choices in one place, at one time. Removing from workers’ worries the difficulties of grabbing a quick, easy, and fresh lunch is just one benefit the business community reaps from a robust food truck market.

These distinct benefits for customers rely on the fundamental components of mobility and assembly. The Mayor’s rules would render trucks all but immobile and remote, erasing their unique appeal.

Worse still, the Food Truck Association portends that a majority of the most popular lunchtime areas with food trucks would not live up to this arbitrary new zoning. This raises some questions as to what the Council is actually intent on accomplishing—overseeing the “safety” of a new industry or regulating it out of business?

The Mayor will need to answer to his constituents why the freedom to enjoy a variety of cuisines and the opportunity to easily support a litany of local businesses will be unceremoniously denied to them, should his plans be adopted.

Click here to read the entire letter.

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