COGC & ATR Continue Support for Hurricane Sandy Spending Offsets

Today, the Cost of Government Center and Americans for Tax Reform sent the following alert to the Senate ahead of a vote on Monday:

The Cost of Government Center and Americans for Tax Reform Urge Members of the United States House of Representatives to vote YES on Senate Amendment #4 to H.R. 152, the Disaster Relief Appropriations Act

COGC and ATR support the amendment proposed by Senator Lee that provides offsets for the new spending proposed in the Sandy disaster relief package.

The amendment would provide savings to pay for the funding package by lowering the BCA spending caps by a modest amount each year over the next decade. The Amendment is a commonsense proposal to trim discretionary accounts by 0.49 percent to pay for the emergency spending legislation.

Too often, Congress crafts big spending bills under the guise of “emergencies,” using exigent circumstances to shuttle pork through the legislative process. Any federal aid should be targeted and immediate, to maximize the impact of taxpayer dollars.

In an age of trillion-dollar deficits, restraint in federal spending—even in urgent circumstances—is critical to securing the nation’s fiscal future. The Lee Amendment provides an opportunity for Congress to provide federal assistance where it is needed without adding to ballooning government debt.

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