The burdens businesses have suffered under the heavy regulatory regime are manifold. Excessive reporting requirements tucked into legislation—like the financial reporting requirements in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and Sarbanes-Oxley Act—take a heavy toll, especially on small and medium sized businesses that lack the resources to shoulder superfluous administrative expenses.

Businesses must comply with a web of federal regulation, exposed to instruction from a myriad different agencies and offices. The Department of Education has recently issued the Gainful Employment ruling that arbitrarily prohibits certain for-profit colleges from receiving DoEd student grants. By exempting private and state colleges, the Gainful Employment rule is a deliberate attack on the for-profit education sector which predominately service underprivileged youth. Suggestions that the Department of Commerce may be transformed into a “jobs” Department would certainly continue to scare investment away from the private economy.

The decidedly anti-worker agenda propagated by the Department of Labor, National Mediation Board and National Labor Relations Board has proven to inhibit entrepreneurial success in the American economy. These entities have aggressively pushed the boundaries of their authority to restrict the labor market, executing rules that benefit Big Labor enterprises but harm workers and their employers.

The Center believes executive fiat should not supersede the self-determination necessary for workers to thrive in the free market. ATR's affiliate, the Alliance for Worker Freedom, works exclusively on combating the oppressive burden imposed by Big Labor on worker and business opportunity.

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